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A tipi set up for a corporate event at night, illuminated by strings of lights and with elegant furniture inside. The tipi is located in a natural setting, surrounded by trees and greenery, and the starry night sky can be seen overhead.

Why Marquee Hire is the Ultimate Solution for Corporate Events

When it comes to planning a corporate event, finding the perfect venue is key to its success. While traditional venues like hotels or conference centres are popular choices, they may not always meet your specific needs. Have you considered corporate marquee hire? It could be a unique, rustic corporate tipi or a customisable corporate sailcloth. If not, you may be missing out on an incredible opportunity to create a unique and unforgettable event space. In this article, we’ll explore why corporate marquee hire is the perfect solution for your next business event.

A stunningly lit sailcloth tent at night, surrounded by nature, creates a magical atmosphere for the best festival experience.

How to have a Festival Wedding: UPDATED FOR 2024

Festival-style weddings, festival-themed weddings or just Wedfest. Whatever you want to call your wedding day, these are our absolute favourite alternatives to a traditional wedding. A festival feel outdoor wedding could create your dream wedding day.

You combine all the best bits of a music festival, the laid back vibes, the live music, the outdoor drinking, and the bohemian atmosphere, whilst avoiding the festival pitfalls like the mud, wellies and smelly toilets.

Here are some of the Origami team’s festival themed wedding ideas to create the feel of being at a festival on your big day. From boho bridesmaids to festival-feel dance floors.

DJ mixing the ultimate playlist at a wedding party.

10 golden rules for the ultimate wedding party playlist

The importance of having a DJ that can read the crowd or live musicians can’t be overstated. However, more and more couples are opting to create the perfect wedding party playlist to accompany their big day. This could be to make their wedding more personal, keep their wedding party within budget restrictions, or even keep the party going with a silent disco at the end of the night. Whether you’re a professional DJ or a music lover, you need to have the best wedding songs if you’re hosting a wedding! Read on reveal our golden rules for creating the ultimate wedding party playlist

Large Tipi Event with four Tipis in in a wildflower meadow.

How to Save Money on a Marquee Wedding

How to Save Money on a Marquee Wedding With the cost of living crisis in the news almost daily and everyone feeling the pinch, we have produced this guide with a host of tips to lower costs for your marquee wedding venue. If you’d like

Prosecco Wall with a green moss background and wooden champagne flutes. For wedding and event hire.

How to choose the Perfect Wedding Signature Cocktail 

How to choose the Perfect Wedding Signature Cocktail & 8 Wedding Cocktail Names Are you planning on having signature drinks or wedding cocktails for your big day? Then we’ve created a short guide to help you and your other half choose the perfect drinks or