How to Save Money on a Marquee Wedding

With the cost of living crisis in the news almost daily and everyone feeling the pinch, we have produced this guide with a host of tips to lower costs for your marquee wedding venue. If you’d like to cut costs and save money on your wedding budget marquee hire, whether that’s a Tipi, Sailcloth Tent, Stretch Marquee or wedding venue, read on for our top tips.


Cheap Marquee Hire for Wedding


There is a common misconception about marquee hire costs, with many couples or party planners looking for cheap wedding marquee hire. Unfortunately, marquee weddings are not necessarily low priced, but it depends on how you compare them. Marquee weddings are more reasonably priced than a 5-star hotel wedding, especially when you don’t have to pay corkage, but you could also do something in a village hall for a fraction of the price. If you want to find marquee hire prices instantly, use our instant quote feature.


Despite the price, marquee weddings allow couples to have the wedding they’ve always dreamed of! You can have a marquee wedding in your ideal location, such as a relative’s farm or at a marquee venue you fell in love with, like the charming Pauntley Court!


A bespoke marquee wedding also allows complete flexibility. You start with a blank canvas to personalise exactly how you want it. You have the ultimate flexibility and can save lots of money by creating a DIY wedding. This allows you to hand-select your suppliers for florists, wedding cakes, make-up and videographers. You can choose your timings; without corkage charges, the champagne and wine can flow without breaking the bank.


Origami Marquees doesn’t claim to be a budget supplier. We can’t help you save money on wedding dresses, bridesmaids, wedding invitations or even canapes. However, we have come up with this guide, which has a host of tips and suggestions that could help you reduce wedding costs on your big day.

Large Tipi Event with four Tipis in in a wildflower meadow.

Firstly, you’ll need land to set up your dream wedding marquee or wedding tipi. Ideally, the site should be a flat, grassy area with easy access; if you’re lucky enough to have access to land belonging to family or friends – excellent. If not, the costs can vary enormously from purpose-maintained event fields to stately homes or castles. Many websites can help you find land for a marquee and often display the prices to help you stay within budget, but if you’re stuck, feel free to contact us.


Next, size Matters. It is probably apparent that the larger the marquee, the higher the costs. This is not just because of more expensive hire costs for the larger tents but also the extra expenses incurred with transportation, installation and dismantling of the marquee. To keep costs down, and reduce the wedding marquee hire cost, you can reduce the number of guests on your guest list. However, if you don’t fancy reducing the size of your wedding party, we can set up the tables above the dance floor that can be cleared as the evening festivities progress. This could mean a smaller Sail Tent or one less Tipi required. Of course, you need to find a happy balance. If we squeeze in all the furniture and the weather decides to turn, there can be nowhere for your guests to shelter.


Worried about the alcohol bill for your wedding breakfast? Then our sister company Origami Bars can also run a cash bar service, which can be included free of charge with any marquee hire at your outdoor wedding. This can reduce the cost of your wedding day. Origami Bars will take care of all the licensing requirements, glassware, sourcing and serving, and the guests pay for their drinks with either cash or a card. Free drinks for a happy couple, at their wedding reception on their special day of course!

The Origami Bars team handing out complimentary champagne at a corporate Tipi event.

Another way to save costs for you or your wedding guests is to offer camping or glamping. The lowest price for this is for the guests to bring their camping equipment. We can also arrange glamping tents complete with furniture and double beds. The couple can pay for these or we can add a link to your wedding website to allow guests to book and pay for these glamping tents. Camping at an outdoor wedding can lower costs and provide your guests with an experience like a traditional wedding or destination wedding.


Lastly, as we are complete wedding planners, we can also provide hire of the bar, stage equipment, audio and lighting. This is more sustainable, as only one delivery is being made, but it is also a cost-effective way of setting up the marquee, as you’ll only need to pay for one installation and delivery costs compared with multiple suppliers.


If you are planning a wedding or interested in wedding marquee hire, whatever the time of year. Whether a weekday or weekend remember we can provide Tipi and Sailcloth Tent hire. You can use either our instant quote facility or feel free to contact us for more information.