The 10 golden rules for creating the ultimate wedding party playlist

The importance of having a DJ that can read the crowd or live musicians can’t be overstated. However, more and more couples are opting to create the perfect wedding party playlist to accompany their big day. This could be to make their wedding more personal, keep their wedding party within budget restrictions, or even keep the party going with a silent disco at the end of the night. Whether you’re a professional DJ or a music lover, you need to have the best wedding songs if you’re hosting a wedding! Read on reveal our golden rules for creating the ultimate wedding party playlist

DJ mixing the ultimate playlist at a wedding party.

Here are the golden rules for creating the perfect wedding party playlist for your wedding reception

Know the duration of the wedding

Knowing how long the wedding party will go on is a significant determinant of your playlist selection. Depending on your actual party’s length, your playlist could be long or short. However, it would be best if you were prepared to go on a little longer than you planned, as speeches could finish earlier than expected (rare), or the party might continue later than planned. Therefore, remember that a list of fifty to sixty songs is appropriate when scheduling a few hours.

How fast can you move to the music?

Most guests won’t be pulling fancy dance “moves like Jagger” once they’re dancing at a wedding party! The least you can expect is a decent sidestep with the occasional shape thrown. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure your selected songs have a strong beat that can get even your grandma moving!

Build up the tempo

At weddings, the DJ starts with gentle tunes to build the crowd up to a crescendo. Your playlist shouldn’t be any different. When you begin with popular songs, you tend to need more ideas when the wedding dancefloor picks up, and these might not get the intended reaction if the bar has been open for a short while. 

Do not put your music library on shuffle

A playlist must be organised and flow seamlessly. By pressing the shuffle button, you create a disorderly playlist, which usually makes your guests agitated and can turn the wedding atmosphere into a sour one. Most professional DJs create a plan on how to get the crowd into the groove of a party by arranging their tracks in a specific order to move from slow to up-tempo. 

Sing-along factor

Nothing is better on the dancefloor than the rush when a classic sing-along song blasts out of the speakers, and the crowd goes mad! That moment you realise what the track is and turn to your friends with a big scream of delight is such an adrenaline rush, and you should always aim to give people that buzz. So often, that comes from putting on big well known banging tunes, whether old-school classics or current hits. Everyone loves a number they can sing along with!

Remove personal preference

You have got to play to what the majority of the crowd wants if you are to keep your guests happy. Give them what they want but sometimes what they don’t realise they need! This could be by playing a song that they may have forgotten even existed but is a total classic. The look on people’s faces when they realise what is on its way is priceless.

Have a good mixture of genres

Every party crowd loves pop music; truth be told, one can never have too much of a good thing. However, weddings are different and present an eclectic mix of attendees. Other people love rock, club music, Motown etc. Avoid playing four pieces of the same genre. Switch to another category and get your crowd yearning for more. 

Interact with the guests for song requests

Just as you can’t fill your wedding playlist with only personal preferences. The trick to sustaining the crowd’s tempo is accepting only a few requests, as often these can be songs your guests like to listen to but not necessarily dance. Taking too many recommendations can turn the party into a playlist-requesting group and shift your focus from your perfectly planned playlist.

Keep a stash of hits

Preparing for any eventuality is a must. You can call this playlist your Plan B. Aside from being a Plan B, that stash could become a great crowd-pleaser that you may have to rely on for the rest of the party time.

Ensure good sound quality

You may have the best tracks for the party, but no one will enjoy it without the right sound system. Ensure you start your event with volume levels that allow for conversation after all your guests come to socialise and party. You can increase volume throughout the night as your playlist increases in tempo. Also, remember that simple home Hi-Fi systems are inappropriate for parties with over twenty attendees. Above this, it will be beneficial to hire a PA system.

These are just a few of my golden rules for creating the perfect wedding party playlist!

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