Sailcloth tents or sailcloth marquees are the updated and improved traditional pole marquees and are sometimes called a Sperry Tent. Sperry Tents’ style originated from The Hamptons in America. It is a contemporary wooden pole marquee flooded with warm natural light, rounded ends, sculpted peaks, and panoramic views.


After months of searching, we found a classic Hamptons sailcloth marquee with a contemporary design and imported it directly from America. Our tents are of the highest standard, with our manufacturers guaranteeing expert craftsmanship and rugged engineering. We are excited to bring these luminous marquees to British shores!


The sailcloth’s tent’s unique shape and translucent sailcloth allow natural light to bathe the space during daytime events and create a captivating glow when lit up at night. The Hamptons sailcloth marquees feature crisp peaks, distinctive canopies, and dramatic curves. Using handcrafted timber support poles throughout to suspend the cloth adds to the feel of strength and character.


Beautiful and timeless, our sailcloth tents come in four sizes, so they cater for any size and type of outdoor event, from a small garden party to a dream sailcloth wedding if you want to learn about the different sizes of rental tents we hire, scroll down or use the buttons below to jump to a specific section. Alternatively, click here if you want to find out about our sailcloth marquee hire.

Small Sperry Tent Exterior Night

The Round Sailcloth Tent

The Small Sailcloth Marquee

Sperry Tent and Sail Cloth Marquee Interior Hire with Wooden Tables
A beautiful Sperry tent interior with follage and tables.

The Medium Sailcloth Tent

The Large Sailcloth Marquee

The exterior of a Sperry Tent at night with a festoon lighting walkway leading up to it.


We have a wide range of sail tent floor plans available for weddings, corporate events, parties, and celebrations. There are endless possibilities for furniture layouts and dance floor placement, whilst making features of the central poles. Every event is different, so please see the examples only as a starting point.

When you hire a sailcloth marquee from Origami, we will create a bespoke floor plan from our extensive experience for your event or wedding day. If you have something specific or different from our examples in mind for the layout of your marquee, please get in touch with us.

Sperry Floor Planning

Why we exclusively use Anchor

It’s not just marketing; all sailcloth marquees are not created equally!


If you don’t book with us, that’s ok, and we won’t hold a grudge.


However, please promise that you will only trust a marquee company that uses genuine products to build your special day for the reasons listed below.




Timeless Classic

An icon of the Hamptons wedding and party scene, our Sailcloth Tents are steeped in heritage. Lovingly handcrafted, the Sailcloth Tents' hand-milled wooden poles and oyster-coloured canvas iconic canopy are luxury and elegance personified.

World class waterproofing

It’s no secret that the British weather is unpredictable so you’ll want a marquee that will keep you and your guests dry – just in case. Our Tents use patent-pending WeatherShield technology to protect you and your event from the elements.

Sailcloth Fabric

The swooping rooflines of the translucent genuine sailcloth fabric mean you can have the traditional white theme. Bright sunlight is softened and transformed into a warm glow, perfect for photographers. At night your tent shines brightly, a gleaming beacon conveying the party inside to the world.

Structural Calculations

The Sailcloth Tents have been designed by professional Structural Engineers, and detailed structural calculations have been created. This allows you to relax, safe in the knowledge that these incredibly complex calculations will enable us to keep your structure safe.

Striving For Perfection

Just like us, Anchor believes in striving for perfection, resulting in delightful detailing in luxurious sailcloth tents and a beautiful event.