Understandably, the first questions most couples ask at the start of their wedding planning is, “How much does Wedding Tipi Hire Cost?”or “What are the  teepee wedding hire prices?” As with most questions, there isn’t just one answer; there are multiple, depending on different factors.


However, if you’d like an instant bespoke quote for the cost of tipi hire for a wedding, then you can use our Instant Quote Generator. The clever page will calculate the tipi hire prices for your Tipi wedding venue, for your big day. This price will include installation, matting, dance floor and furniture. If a Tipi Wedding isn’t for you then our instant quote generator will also provide the cost for a wooden poled sailcloth and for a sailcloth marquee wedding.


Read on if you’d like to find out what influences Tipi hire cost.

Cheap Tipi Hire

One of the most searched-for terms regarding Tipi rental is ‘Cheap Tipi Hire’. Whilst most of our competitors and of course, Origami Marquees offer Tipi hire at reasonable prices that offer excellent value for money, by most wedding budgets calling Tipi Hire’ cheap’ would be a stretch! Tipi’s are expensive to purchase, challenging and time-consuming to set up and require specialist vehicles to transport with wooden poles that reach almost 9M. For these three reasons, cheap Tipi hire is a bit of a myth as non of these expenses are low cost.

White Wedding Tipi Hire Costs

Additional Giant Tipi Wedding Costs

A traditional wedding always has the same standard expected costs and services such as florists, catering, bar bill, band or DJ etc. With an outdoor or Tipi wedding, there are items or services that you probably wouldn’t even consider for your big day. These might be toilets, a power generator, a catering marquee, heating and a site or field. Don’t feel overwhelmed though we offer a complete Tipi wedding package that includes all of these items. Later in the article is guide prices for each of these items.

What Variables Impact The Tipi Hire Price

A common myth is that when event providers hear ‘wedding’, they charge a higher price. With most marquee companies, this isn’t true. You can experiment with our Instant Quote Generator to prove this. Whether you input marquee hire for a wedding, party or corporate event, the price remains the same. A wedding reception might be more costly than a party, but this is usually because the requirements are different, and a sit-down meal requires furniture hire.

If it’s not the event type, the variables that do affect the cost of hiring a Tipi are guest numbers, land hire costs and extras required.

Guest Numbers

The size of your wedding will have the most significant impact on teepee hire cost. One of our giant hat tipis costs approximately £2600 and can seat around 70 people. Each additional dream tipi after this is charged at the same price and can seat another 50 guests. So, for example, a two Tipi tent hire would seat up to 120 guests and cost approximately £5200. We can link infinite tents together for a large wedding.

The Site For your Tipi

You will need land to set up your dream wedding Tipi. Ideally, the site should be a flat, grassy area with easy access; if you’re lucky enough to have access to land belonging to family or friends – excellent. If not, the costs can vary enormously from purpose-maintained event fields to stately homes or lakeside gardens. Many websites like Land For Events can help you find land for a marquee and often display the prices to help you stay within budget, but if you’re stuck, feel free to Contact Us.

Large Tipi Event in Field

Wedding Tipi Hire Extras

Our handy Items for Hire page shows you various furniture hire options. It includes all the Tipi hire extras and finishing touches with the latest up-to-date pricing that will create your best wedding. To create the wow factor, you might also require chill-out furniture. We can provide this and everything from the disco ball or boho vibe props. Giving you exclusive use for an award-winning, perfect wedding.

Furniture Costs for A Tipi Wedding

Your Tipi is a blank canvas that will need furnishing for your special day. Our standard tipi wedding package costs quoted above and shown on the instant quote generator include chairs and tables for your wedding breakfast as standard. Be vary with Tipi hire costs that look less expensive but charge separately for furniture or require you to use additional suppliers as they don’t offer furniture hire.

The Cost of a Bar Service for a Tipi Wedding

When providing drinks for your guests, you have a range of options. But the three key elements are:

DIY – We will include the bar infrastructure with your wedding marquee hire. You will need to provide the alcohol, the staff to run it and all sundries such as glasses and ice.

Full Bar Service  – If you’re worried about the alcohol bill, our sister company Origami Bars, can also run a cash bar service, which can be included free of charge with any marquee hire. Origami Bars will take care of all the licensing requirements, sourcing and serving, and the guests pay for their drinks with either cash or a card. Free drinks for a happy couple, of course!

Hybrid – The middle ground, the hybrid option, where you’ve provided the daytime drinks, with our bar staff running a cash bar into the evening.

You will be looking at approximately £25 per head as a guide. So your guest numbers influence the overall drinks package cost of your tipi wedding.

Wedding Caterers Cost for a Tipi Wedding

The cost of wedding catering for a Tipi wedding can vary enormously, from having food trucks at the lower end to formal sit-down meals. This is not just because of the price difference in the food but also because of their requirements. Some caters provide their trailers and will form part of your package price, but others may need you to hire catering tents and equipment. Our catering tents blend in perfectly with our Tipis.

If you need a catering marquee, this ranges between £600 – £800, dependent on the catering company’s requirements.

As a guide, food truck hire costs will be around £12-£20 per guest. Whereas with a sit-down meal, you can be looking to spend between £50 to £95 per person.

The Catering Tent by Tentipi is being used for its function of preparing food at a wedding.

Generator Hire Cost for a Tipi Wedding

As with most outdoor events, if the area you are erecting the marquee doesn’t have an adequate supply of electricity, you’ll need to hire a generator. This is vital for powering the all-important elements – tipi lighting, caterers, sound systems and toilets! As a tipi hire company, we are best situated to understand your tipi power requirements to liaise with local providers and add it to your package.

To hire a generator for a Tipi wedding, expect to pay between £600 to £700.

Toilet Hire Cost for Your Dream Day

We recommend hiring a luxury toilet unit for a Tipi wedding. A crucial requirement if your chosen venue has no toilets on-site. These can come in different shapes and sizes, so again, and your guest numbers influence the bathroom hire cost for your tipi wedding. Toilet hire prices can range from £500 to £750.
Luxury Toilet Hire Tipi


Finally, and most importantly, please ensure you secure wedding insurance. For an outdoor wedding, this needs to cover all your hired items, Tipis, bell tents, furniture, toilets, generator etc. As soon as you part with cash and sign contracts, make sure you have sorted insurance.

This guide has helped demonstrate how much it costs to hire a Tipi for a wedding and the hidden extras you’d need to consider. Don’t hesitate to Contact Us, remember we are on hand if you have questions or want a formal quote.