Origami hires stunning giant hat Tipis also known as teepee tents for Tipi weddings, corporate events, glamping, festivals and parties with the wow factor.

We only use genuine Tentipi products because they are the highest quality Tipi structures available and the best tipi tents UK. The only Tipi we would trust for your big day.

If you want to learn about the different sizes and styles of Tipi we offer in our bespoke tipi packages, use the buttons below.

The Giant Tipi or Stratus 72 is positioned in front of a Stately home with its sides up or a hot summers day.

The Giant Tipi (Stratus 72)

The Medium Tipi (Cirrus 40)

The Medium Tipi or Cirrus 40 is set up in the woods for a children's party in lovely weather.
The smallest Tipi, the Nimbus, is hired for a small woodland gathering.

The Pagoda Marquee

The Catering Tent by Tentipi is being used for its function of preparing food at a wedding.
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Tipi Links & Wallflex

By linking Tipis or using the Wallflex system, we can add extensions that lift the sloping tipi walls and provide more usable space, for example, a stage, bar area, or top table.


Wooden doors can be added to the more giant tipis to create a grand guest entrance or keep in the ambience (or warmth in the winter). Finally, panoramic windows allow guests to glimpse the spectacular surroundings whilst keeping your guests dry and warm.


Don’t worry if you need help figuring out where to start. Why not take a look at our gallery? Or contact us using the button below or give us a call for a friendly chat.

Tipi Floor Plans

We have a wide range of Tipi floor plans for weddings, corporate events, parties, and celebrations. There are endless possibilities for layouts, and every event is different, so please see the examples only as a starting point.


When you hire a Tipi from Origami Marquees, we will create a bespoke floor plan from our extensive experience for your event. If you have something specific or different from our examples in mind for the layout of your Tipi, please get in touch with us.

Why do we exclusively use Tentipi

It’s not just marketing; all Tipis are not created equally!


If you don’t book with us, that’s ok, and we won’t hold a grudge.

However, please promise that you will only trust a marquee company that uses Tentipi products to build your special day for the reasons listed below.


Origami Marquees insists on Authentic Nordic Tipis made by Tentipi and are proud members of ANTA (Authentic Nordic Tipi Association).

ANTA tentipi gold logo




World class waterproofing

It's no secret that the British weather is unpredictable, so you'll want a fabric that will keep you and your guests dry – just in case. Tentipi has developed an exceptional material with the best waterproofing, much better than the best off-the-shelf canvas.

Sustainable Timber

Our tipi poles are sourced from sustainable forests in Northern Sweden, which is carefully managed. Due to its immense strength, the species of nordic spruce used for the poles doesn't require unpleasant chemicals to prevent rot.

Structural Calculations

The tipis have been tested to destruction by professional Structural Engineers, and detailed structural calculations have been created. This allows you to relax, safe in the knowledge that these incredibly complex calculations will enable us to keep your structure safe.

Striving For Perfection

Like us, Tentipi strives for perfection, resulting in delightful detailing in the spectacular Tipi and a spectacular event.

Fire Retardent Fabric

Open fires, heaters, ovens and BBQs are reasons the canvases must comply with all UK flame retardant standards. Most importantly, the Tentipi products go above and beyond flame retardant expectations.