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Blackboard Easel – Elegant Wedding Signage Display For Hire


Display your wedding signage in style with our Blackboard Wedding Easel. Elegant and versatile, it adds charm to any wedding décor and looks at home when it accompanies our stunning Tipi for hire.


Enhance the visual appeal of your wedding décor with our Blackboard Wedding Easel. Designed for both functionality and elegance, this versatile easel provides the perfect platform to display your wedding signage, seating charts, or welcome messages.

Crafted with precision, the Blackboard Wedding Easel adds a touch of sophistication to any venue. Its classic blackboard surface offers a timeless backdrop for your personalized messages, while the sturdy easel ensures stability and ease of display.

Whether used indoors or outdoors, this elegant easel becomes a charming focal point of your wedding décor, inviting guests to engage with your event details in style.

Elevate your wedding signage with our Blackboard Wedding Easel, adding a touch of charm and elegance that complements any wedding theme.